Most modern SUV’s are optimized for the street, with the ground clearance only marginally higher than normal passenger car. With the new Pro-Lift-Kit Performance Lift Springs Eibach offers this market niche a performance lift kit of up to 30 millimetres for most popular SUVs. In the following interview, Eibach’s suspension experts, Christof Schulte (Eibach Sales) and Manfred Brings (Eibach Engineering) answer a few questions about the new product

Eibach enjoys a sporty image on a global scale. Currently, Audi Sport for example uses the Eibach Race Spring System for its DTM and R8 LMS Ultra racers. Given this backdrop, why did you come up the the lift springs idea?

Eibach globally stands for driving dynamics and motorsports. We also consider ourselves providers and developers of complete suspension systems of any kind. The ever increasing popularity of SUVs in the global market was the reason why we developed our new product line Pro-Lift-Kit. Furthermore we saw a higher demand from our sales regions in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, where in some regions the road infrastructure is rather underdeveloped.

How do customers benefit from a lift kit in general?
More chassis clearance means a better off-road handling. Customers also benefit in urban areas: the drivers and passengers have a better overview, which for some may have been the reason why they opted for an SUV in the first place. Another factor in favour of an Eibach Pro-Lift-Kit is visual customisation.

How do Eibach Performance Lift Springs improve an SUV’s off-road behaviour?
The Pro-Lift-Kit increases an SUV’s chassis clearance by about 30mm, which makes for a better off-road handling. With a 4WD and the right tyres you will get pure off-road fun.

Does the Pro-Lift-Kit only consists of the set of springs or also of adapted shock absorbers?
Currently our Pro-Lift-Kit only comprises Performance Lift Springs. Adapted shock absorbers are in the pipeline.

Are the Performance Lift Springs for SUVs only?
We are currently only developing Performance Lift Springs for selected SUVs and 4WD vehicles. If there is a demand by customers, we may develop them for other categories as well.

What technical challenges did your engineers have to face?
An ideal adjustment of our spring rates. The higher centre of gravity can lead to more rolling, which has to be counteracted while making the handling feel dynamic at the same time. And, if at all possible, the car’s original comfort was to be maintained.

Why stop at 30mm
We have engineered our lift kits to the ”VCTUV-Merkblatt Kraftfahrwesen 751” standards e.g. guidelines for

  • pedestrian impact protection
  • minimum rebounding distances

For which models are you offering the Performance Lift Springs?
Currently, the Eibach-Lift-Kit is available for BMW X3 and X4, Dacia Duster, Hyundai IX35 and Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and Sportage, Renault Captur, Nissan Quasqai and X-Trail, the GLA-Class from Mercedes-Benz as well as Jeep Cherokee. Furthermore, the probram is gradually being expanded. At the moment, the following developements are planned: Toyota RAV 4, For EcoSport, Jeep Renegade (Jeepster), Mitsubishi Pajero, Subaru Legacy, Suzuki Grand Vitara, BMW X1 as well as VW Amarok and Tiguan.