The newly designed Audi A3 saloon shows character: its role as a compact sports car has been stamped on it, as it were. Eibach has developed a number of specially geared Suspension Components.

The Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs accentuate the racy and purist silhouette of the new Audi by a slight lowering of the centre of gravity and make for an agile handling vehicle. The Eibach B12 Pro-Kit Performance Springs and Shocks are in development. It will include specially adapted Bilstein mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers.

Also in preparation are the height-adjustable Eibach Pro-Street-S Coilovers.

All these suspension kits can be combined with the Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Sway Bars, which reduce body roll in curves and provide the car with a dynamic sportiness.

High-tensile-strength aluminium Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacers complete the setup for this Audi A3 saloon and make it appear even more with aplomp.