Driving enjoyment is virtually written all over the new Seat Leon’s face. To celebrate the launch of the new model, Eibach offers an extensive suspension package. The Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs lower the centre of gravity, giving the car’s look and handling an extra edge.

The magnificient VIII
It is hardly surprising that the VW Golf is one of the most successful cars in the world and has given its name to an entire vehicle class in its home country. The brand-new seventh generation builds on the reliable virtues of its predecessors and boasts a new design and new features.

Premium from head to toe
Every new Audi A3 is a benchmark of its own. Now, the third generation is available and also offers real premium handling – especially with Eibach suspension components.

Since 1996, the Audi A3 has been the leading premium compact car in its class. Its driving behaviour can be further improved when it is equipped with the Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs, which have passed the highest German type approval: ABE. The lowered centre of gravity additionally highlights the design of the body.

The New Sport Class
With its latest generation, the Mercedes A-Class has developed from one of the most pragmatic vehicles into one of the sportiest cars in its market segment. Eibach highlights this successful change of direction with its Pro-Kit Performance Springs.

The Road Star
The new Mercedes SL has a remarkable line of ancestors, stretching back to the legendary 300 SL of the 1950ies. Of course, the current SL heartbreaker is also blessed with an enviable ”figure” and it is in great shape: after all, it is much lighter than its predecessor.

Short for Sport
The Kia Cee’d is considered the rising star in the compact class – a glance at its dynamic design explains why. With the Pro-Kit Performance Springs, which are available at car dealers and specialist shops, Eibach gives the Cee’d an even sportier handling

Eibachs’ 6th Consecutive ”Best Brand” title!
Many teams around the world have won their motorsports titles with products from Eibach – the most recent example is Audis’ spectacular double victory at the 24 hours of Nürburgring. The Eibach Performance Springs, which are based on more than 60 years of experience, are equally victorious in every-day use on the road: the 6th consecutive title in the category ”Springs” at the ”Best Brand” readers’ poll conducted by the German trade magazine sport auto confirms this and completes the double hat trick for Eibach.

The new Audi S5 Project Car
Eibach has created its own project cars for many years now to help promote the brand name. For this years’ project car, we have chosen the new Audi S5. There is a good reason behind it….our S5 marketing motto is themed ”Inspired by motorsport – Performance for the road”.

Eibach, as an ”Audi Sport Official Supplier”, equips the Audi racing cars. In the DTM racing series e.g. all new Audi A5 DTM cars are equipped with Eibach. With the S5 we want to prove the message ”from motorsports to the road”.

The Eibach project cars have always been real highlights and the new Audi S5 is no exception to the rule. Eibach is focussion on the suspension system while their partners have prepared three diverse wheel-tyre combinations.

Eibach Audi S5 project car
The Audi A5 Coupé is a seducer that sweeps people directly off their feet. The attractive two-door car also boasts excellent technical features, no matter if for every-day use or for the race track. The new A5 DTM meets the challenges of the renowned DTM (German Touring Masters). As an ”Audi Sport Official Supplier”, Eibach equips the Audi racing cars with the perfect suspension systems to prepare them for their tasks.

Seat Mii: Spanish, Sporty & Stylish
Small size, big appearance: the new Seat Mii is the stylish answer to the traffic situation in tight urban areas. Of course, it is not only at home in the city, when fitted with the Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs, the Mii enjoys the winding country roads and at the same time its appearance reflects its sporty ambition as it sits slightly lower than the standard model.

Eibach Race Spring System (ERS)

  • Over 1,300 single components  main and tender springs  metric and imperial, various auxiliary race suspension accessories, ready and in stock on 5 continents
  • Comprehensive Program of single components
  • Single Main Springs with highest rate-linearity and lowest rate tolerance
  • Progressive Characteristics via set-up of different springs serially  double or even triple spring combinations
  • Extreme Low Weights achieved through Super Hi-Ten materials and manufacturing technology
  • Smallest Solid heights, maximized spring travels and higher maximum loads
  • Spring Surface Stabilization through specialized shot peening
  • Every ERS Spring preset to block
  • Block and Sag Resistant
  • Smallest Tolerances and precise plane parallelism of spring ends
  • High Dynamic Durability  under Motorsport conditions
  • High quality corrosion protection by phosphating and epoxy coating
  • Springs Printed with part-number (speaking code = rate and dimensions)
  • Individual protective single box packaging

Contract with Audi Sport extented
The cooperation between Eibach and Audi Sport has been very successful. Now, the partners continue their motorsport engagement and they are looking forward to the next DTM race (German Touring Masters), which will start next weekend.

Four DTM (German Touring Masters) titles now top off the long-standing cooperation between Eibach and Audi Sport: after 2007, 2008 and 2009, the motorsports team from Ingolstadt also were victorious in 2011. Audi Sport relied on the Eibach Race Spring System (ERS) and several custom builds, which are developed together in order to achieve the optimum set-up.